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After the airport, go past the roundabout and take a right turn on N11, direction POINTE A PITRE & AUTRES DIRECTIONS. Then follow for 700m the N5 , in the direction LE MOULE & ANSE BERTRAND. Continue straight on.


When arriving at the entrance of the town LE MOULE, take a left at the small church and stay on D 123 direction GROS CAP BAZIN acces de la route Nationale au domaine du vieux Mole


After 500m, you will find the path leading to the domain (located 300m away). acces de la route departementale au domaine du vieux Mole


General Location :
The Domain is located 25 Km from the airport, 1.5km from the town center.
The St François 18-hole golf course is 14 Km away and the international surfing championship spot only 1.5km away.


Weather in Guadeloupe:

Do not limit your visit to what some call "High Season" (July and August)

We benefit from an extraordinarily mild climate all year round. From March to June and from September to the end of October the beaches are less crowded and airfares and car rentals much cheaper.

Here are a few pointers on the weather to expect in Guadeloupe :

- November to February : Weather will be will be windy a less warm than the rest of the year. - March/April is ususally the dry season , May to October is a very pleasant transition period. The Domaine du Vieux Môle faces the Atlantic, which ensures a breezy, pleasant atmosphere.

Guadeloupe is known for its microclimates, and when it rains in Pointe-à-Pitre it is often sunny in Le Moule

The sea is warm .... 29°C (84 °F)

Local Time :
Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean timezone. The time is the same as Puerto-Rico (London GMT-4; EST+1)


Le Moule is a historical Sugar Cane Harbour located on the Atlantic Ocean, 14km from St François, the 4th largest city of Guadeloupe, where one of the two sugar factories still active can be found.
Archeological remains revealed the presence of Caribbean Amerindian natives in the region as early as a few centuries BC.
LE MOULE has become over the past years a very active holiday resort with many amenities, mixing tradition and modernity, with a priority to the quality of life.

promenade de front de mer au Moule, Guadeloupe
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